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Get the look | Dj Tigerlily

Hello ♡

I’m terribly sorry for my absence, but unfortunately I had lots of problem with the university. Now I’m back and I wanna talk to you about the gorgeous Dj Tigerlily.

Discalimer: I’m not a huge fan of her music, because as you know, I love indie rock but I think she’s gorgeous and I’m totally in love with the blue hair. FAB!

So, let’s start:

MANIC PANIC in shade SIREN’S SONG. I suggest to bleach the hair (it must be super blonde/white) before apply the blue. Ps: manic panic is vegan 🙂
Blue Wig by WIGFASHION. A wig is a great idea if you don’t want to color your hair
LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse in CHARMED on COCKTAILCOSMETICS. Nude lips are a must! She usually wears pretty pinky nude colors

I think her style is really simple because the focus is on the hair, so these are some pieces chosen by me that I think will match perfectly with her mermaid hair:

Body by ASOS

Ok, these are some inspo! I’m totally in love with her style so let me know you think about it!!

I’m happy to be back 🙂

Lots of love, Fefaliciousss ♡


Leather Jacket Mania

Hello ♡

Today i feel inspired and I want to suggest you some cool leather jackets! Spring is my favourite time of the year and the sunny days are perfect for trynig new outfits. So, let’s start:

ASOS: the perfect motorbiker jacket! I can see myself wearing it during a concert. Amazing!


H&M: I’m in love with the structure of this piece. It is really unique and definitely a must have.


FOREVER 21: Ok, we need to talk about the color of this piece! I think it is perfect.












AMARANTO on YOOX.COM: Omg. this is the one. I need this jacket in my life right now.

FRONT ROW SHOP: The perfect combo for spring: leather + flowers. I’m in love (again)

Good to know: All this jackets are in FAUX LEATHER ♡

I hope that this post can be helpful to all of you! Let me know which pieces do you love the most, I’m curious.

Love, Fefaliciousss ♡