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Weekly inspo

Hello ♡

It’s finally weekend!! This week was full but now I’m here for sharing with you some pictures that inspired me during these days.

(All the pics are from Tumblr)

I need to relax and chill myself a bit because last weekend was INSANE. But I’m definitely ready for next week: I have lots of work to do, help me 🙁

What about your week? Let me know 🙂

Lots of love, Fefaliciousss ♡


Hello everybody!

Hi to everyone ♡

“Fefaliciousss” is my own first project. I want to focus on stuff I really love like beauty, fashion, but also food, lifestyle, and many other topics.

I saw lots of people during this years opening a blog and I’ve thought “why not?”. So, I’ve decide to give myself a try, and now let’s see what happends!

All the pictures are made by me with my Iphone 6s. Maybe one day I’ll start to use a real camera, but i like to catch the moments live. I hope to be able with all the graphic stuff, because i’m not very good at it and advices are well accepted ☻

My dream is making this blog a virtual space for discover and enjoy all the contents.

so let’s chill and stay tuned.

xoxo, Fefaliciousss ♡