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Lip Lingerie | NYX cosmetics

Hello ♡

Today i want to talk about the Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks by NYX cosmetics. They come in a range of 12 different colors and they’re basically all nudes. I went to Cosmoprof (on Friday 18 March) and i had the opportunity to swatch all the shades. If you love to wear nude lips you have to try this lipsticks!


So, i write all the names and the descrption of the shades:

  • Baby doll: nude pink
  • Beauty mark: chocolate bown
  • Bed time flirt: red toned pink
  • Corset: toffee nude
  • Embellishment: muted purple
  • Exotic: warm mahogany red
  • Honeymoon: grey toned beige
  • Lace detail: nude pink beige
  • Push up: brown spice pink
  • Ruffle trim: cinnamon pink
  • Satin ribbon: nude beige
  • Teddy: warm rich brown


Anyway, it was difficult for me decided which shade to buy because the lipsticks were really similiar! At least, i picked the number 12 called “Exotic”, just because it was different by the others.

Let me talk about “EXOTIC”: it is a beautiful red brick color. It is not so bright, so is basically a sort of “kylie jenner typical lip color” and i really like it! I’m a huge fan of the applicator which is firm and this helps the application a lot (i do not need a lip pencil). The formula is thin and dries fast, but is smooth on the lips. I think is very comfortable and in this moment is one of my favourite lipsticks!


I’m satisfied about this purchase. Here in Italy, NYX is like a new brand: there’s a store in Milan in Corso Bueno Aires, and they’re going to open another shop in Caserta. The italian e-shop is always off line (why!?) so this was the first time that I tried and bought their products.

Good to know: All the NYX products are CRUELTY FREE ♡ This lipsticks are very affordable; i paid something like 8 euros and there are 4ml of product. Very good.

Now let me know about you! Do you like this lippies? have you tried this before? I’m courious to know your experience.

Ps: all the pictures are taken by me. Sorry for the quality 🙁

Lots of love, Fefaliciousss. image3image1