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Month: maggio 2016

Why am I always late?

Hello ♡

I’m so so so so so sorry for the absence, but I was really busy! Don’t worry guys, I’m still alive 🙂

In this period I have lots of stuff to do like studying, going to the gym and I’m really tired, but I wanna share with you some random hot stuff I founf on the web!

Let’s start:

Pewter Bae Bag by Skinny Dip London
Zara Martin Rose Gold Kitty Headphones by Skinny Dip London
Iphone case by Skinny Dip London
Kendall crop by Verge girl
Romper by Nastygal

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Lot’s of love, Fefaliciousss ♡


Gym Time!

Hello ♡

Summer is around the corner and I’m having lots of fun during my gym activities so, I decided to share with you some sporty pieces that are a must have! Doing cardio is fine but with the perfect outift is better 🙂

Let’s start:

Bra by Forever21
Shorts by Forever21
Nike Roshe on Asos
Bra by Puma on Asos
Shorts by Project social T on Topshop
Body by Ivy Park on Zalando


Bra by Adidas on Zalando

Ok, this is a little selection made by me..I’m in love with the Puma Bra!! I really like doing activities because I’m really stressed and it helps me to relax. What about you? Do you have any suggestion about it??

Lots of love, Fefaliciousss ♡


Weekly inspo

Hello ♡

I’m finally back with the weekly inspo, I’m so happy 🙂 This week wasn’t the best, but I hope to party a lot during this weekend! I’m dreaming a lot about New York, especially about the typical appartament and the cafe there so many of my inspo are about this city today.

Let’s start:

credits to Constantine Onishchenko

Ok guys, this is all for now! how was your week? Let me know 🙂

Lots of love, Fefaliciousss ♡

Ps: all the pics are from Tumblr


Get the look | Dj Tigerlily

Hello ♡

I’m terribly sorry for my absence, but unfortunately I had lots of problem with the university. Now I’m back and I wanna talk to you about the gorgeous Dj Tigerlily.

Discalimer: I’m not a huge fan of her music, because as you know, I love indie rock but I think she’s gorgeous and I’m totally in love with the blue hair. FAB!

So, let’s start:

MANIC PANIC in shade SIREN’S SONG. I suggest to bleach the hair (it must be super blonde/white) before apply the blue. Ps: manic panic is vegan 🙂
Blue Wig by WIGFASHION. A wig is a great idea if you don’t want to color your hair
LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse in CHARMED on COCKTAILCOSMETICS. Nude lips are a must! She usually wears pretty pinky nude colors

I think her style is really simple because the focus is on the hair, so these are some pieces chosen by me that I think will match perfectly with her mermaid hair:

Body by ASOS

Ok, these are some inspo! I’m totally in love with her style so let me know you think about it!!

I’m happy to be back 🙂

Lots of love, Fefaliciousss ♡