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Month: marzo 2016

Get the look | Scream Queens

Hello ♡

I’m totally in love with the tv serie “scream queens” and especially with Chanel Oberlin! Emma Roberts is a goddess, I love her so much and her style in this serie is on point! So let’s take some inspo ♡

The Chanels are always dressed with fluffy pastel toned clothes, pearls, and heels. Tres chic! I found on the internet some very unique pieces for create their style:

Bow shirt by ASOS
Skirt by FOREVER21
Shoes by ASOS

Sorry for the shoes, I wasn’t able to find something similar but I think that these works perfectly!

And now some pieces found by me:

Bambi faux fur bolero by FOXIEDOX on NASTYGAL
Sunglasses by ASOS
Necklace by FOREVER21
Candy bag by FURLA
Faux fur by RIVER ISLAND on ASOS
Flats by ASOS
Bracelet by FOREVER21



Ok, I hope that you like my selection! It wasn’t easy becuase now all the shops are full of boho-festival stuff, but i’ve done my best as always 🙂

And what about you? which is you favourite character? Do you like this style? Let me know!

Lots of love, Fefaliciousss ♡



March Favorities

Hello ♡

I think is a great idea share to all of you my favorites of the month. So let’s start:


This is my first Morphe product ever, and I use it every day! The pigmentation is great and the colors are warm toned nudes (matte and shimmer). I also love the packaging wich is really light and compact..I think is great for travel! This is a really cheap palette but is a really good product. The worst thing about the 12NB is that there’s no mirror.


I’m really obessed with liquid lipsticks and this is really great! I love the color and it smells amazing! The finish is matte, it dries fast and the application is easy. La Splash has lots of collection and this lippie comes from the collaboration with Laura G. I think this is a comfortable product but I know that not all the La Splash liquid lipsticks are, so you probably have to try them (and you have to hydrate your lips before).


Ok, this is an old english tv serie (2007) but I still love it and I restart to watch the first two seasons. It reminds me my adolescence (ok, I wasn’t so wild like these guys) and I’m completely in love with the setting and the story, of course. My favorites characters are from the first generation: Chris, Sid and Maxxie. I definitely need to party with them!


I think I have a problem. This month I have drunk lots of coffee. I like it with almond milk and cinnamon.


After days of struggling I understand how to use it and it is so funny! You have to follow me: “fefefreak92”. I love using filters and send stupid snaps to all my friends. Snap allert: I post a lot about my cats.


I discovered Camilla recentely, but I love her! She is a danish girl but her channel is international, so she talks in english (and she is very good at it!). I like her channel because it’s not just about make up and beauty, but there are also vlogs about her trips and her life in general. Camilla is obviously talented and very very very beautiful (look at those lashes!!!!). You go girl!!

→ And the last but don’t the least thing is about saying YES more. We have one life and is really important use all the good opportunities that come to us. So, during this month I said YES several times and it was great. This is also and advice to all of you: meet people, have fun, live your own life ♡

Ok guys, that’s all for today. Let me know what are you favs of March and see you soon!

Love, Fefaliciousss ♡





Flower Power!

Hello ♡

As you know, spring is my fav season. Now it’s time for experimenting new outifts, and i wanna share with you some great ideas! I’m obsessed with the hippie style, wich is perfect for several  occasions like festivals, parties, etc.. So let’s see together some hot pieces to wear!

Fringe faux suede jacket by Forever21
Kimono with stars by ASOS FESTIVAL
Top bikini by MOTEL on ASOS
Lace-up wide-leg jumpsuit by FOREVER21
Jumpsuit by MOTEL on ASOS
Orchid crown by ORELIA on ASOS
Crown by ASOS
Vintage caravan lace dress on NASTYGAL
Vintage estenee fringe suede top on NASTYGAL
Crochet dress on NASTYGAL
Jem velvet boot by YRU on NASTYGAL
Marion leather heels by EEIGHT on NASTYGAL



Oversized kitty sunglasses by TOPSHOP

I also really like watching the model’s outfit:

Kendall Jenner
Kendall and Kylie Jenner
Kendall Jenner
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens
Lindsay Lohan
Gigi Hadid
Jourdan Dunn

ok, I could go on probably for hours, days, months, forever ahahah! These are just little suggestions, hope you like it!

Lots of love, Fefaliciousss ♡


Weekly inspo

Hello ♡

It’s finally weekend, and I wanna share with you some lovely pictures that I found around the internet. They’re definitely inspirational! I need to go to seaside as soon as I can because I miss it so bad 🙁

Unfortunately, my week wasn’t so good. I’m really stressed and i need summer so bad 🙁 This pictures are absolutely relaxing. What about your week? It’s finally time to party!

Lots of love, Fefaliciousss ♡

Ps: All the pics are from Tumblr.


Leather Jacket Mania

Hello ♡

Today i feel inspired and I want to suggest you some cool leather jackets! Spring is my favourite time of the year and the sunny days are perfect for trynig new outfits. So, let’s start:

ASOS: the perfect motorbiker jacket! I can see myself wearing it during a concert. Amazing!


H&M: I’m in love with the structure of this piece. It is really unique and definitely a must have.


FOREVER 21: Ok, we need to talk about the color of this piece! I think it is perfect.












AMARANTO on YOOX.COM: Omg. this is the one. I need this jacket in my life right now.

FRONT ROW SHOP: The perfect combo for spring: leather + flowers. I’m in love (again)

Good to know: All this jackets are in FAUX LEATHER ♡

I hope that this post can be helpful to all of you! Let me know which pieces do you love the most, I’m curious.

Love, Fefaliciousss ♡


Lip Lingerie | NYX cosmetics

Hello ♡

Today i want to talk about the Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks by NYX cosmetics. They come in a range of 12 different colors and they’re basically all nudes. I went to Cosmoprof (on Friday 18 March) and i had the opportunity to swatch all the shades. If you love to wear nude lips you have to try this lipsticks!


So, i write all the names and the descrption of the shades:

  • Baby doll: nude pink
  • Beauty mark: chocolate bown
  • Bed time flirt: red toned pink
  • Corset: toffee nude
  • Embellishment: muted purple
  • Exotic: warm mahogany red
  • Honeymoon: grey toned beige
  • Lace detail: nude pink beige
  • Push up: brown spice pink
  • Ruffle trim: cinnamon pink
  • Satin ribbon: nude beige
  • Teddy: warm rich brown


Anyway, it was difficult for me decided which shade to buy because the lipsticks were really similiar! At least, i picked the number 12 called “Exotic”, just because it was different by the others.

Let me talk about “EXOTIC”: it is a beautiful red brick color. It is not so bright, so is basically a sort of “kylie jenner typical lip color” and i really like it! I’m a huge fan of the applicator which is firm and this helps the application a lot (i do not need a lip pencil). The formula is thin and dries fast, but is smooth on the lips. I think is very comfortable and in this moment is one of my favourite lipsticks!


I’m satisfied about this purchase. Here in Italy, NYX is like a new brand: there’s a store in Milan in Corso Bueno Aires, and they’re going to open another shop in Caserta. The italian e-shop is always off line (why!?) so this was the first time that I tried and bought their products.

Good to know: All the NYX products are CRUELTY FREE ♡ This lipsticks are very affordable; i paid something like 8 euros and there are 4ml of product. Very good.

Now let me know about you! Do you like this lippies? have you tried this before? I’m courious to know your experience.

Ps: all the pictures are taken by me. Sorry for the quality 🙁

Lots of love, Fefaliciousss. image3image1


Hello everybody!

Hi to everyone ♡

“Fefaliciousss” is my own first project. I want to focus on stuff I really love like beauty, fashion, but also food, lifestyle, and many other topics.

I saw lots of people during this years opening a blog and I’ve thought “why not?”. So, I’ve decide to give myself a try, and now let’s see what happends!

All the pictures are made by me with my Iphone 6s. Maybe one day I’ll start to use a real camera, but i like to catch the moments live. I hope to be able with all the graphic stuff, because i’m not very good at it and advices are well accepted ☻

My dream is making this blog a virtual space for discover and enjoy all the contents.

so let’s chill and stay tuned.

xoxo, Fefaliciousss ♡